Our Company

Reliance Security Ltd. is one of the trusted names in the world of digital security solutions. We specialize in providing security analysis of products and systems, security testing and security consulting; there is no security challenge our experts would not take on. Our comprehensive portfolio of services has contributed to the security of our clients, effectively helping in keeping them off the vulnerability mailing lists.

We have been working closely with our clients for over 4 years now, assisting them with exploitation of new technologies for their competitive advantage.

As challenges have advanced, so have solutions. We believe it needs to constantly stay ahead and keep pace with the latest technology to meet growing needs. Therefore we have graduated to modern, intelligent technologies.

We have moved from being simply a seller of security products to company selling comprehensive security solutions.

We offer diverse security product solutions including technologically advanced CCTV Systems with analytics, biometrics and access control systems, Alarm Systems, Automatic Barriers, Parking Management Solutions, Green Energy Solutions etc.

Every security concern of a proposed site is evaluated by the company using a four-pronged process. This time-tested protocol involves security consultancy, security audit, an all-inclusive analysis leading to a comprehensive solutions plan and annual maintenance on a turnkey basis.

We are more than just your supplier of integrated technologies: we're your partners in security solutions. We will help you make the business security decisions that will save you and your company valuable time and money.

As we define ourselves as being a company that offers customized solutions to their clients for their development and better functioning it is almost impossible to cover define all the products and services that we offer. However you can visit Products for some of the areas of services and the products.