Finger Print Biometric Systems

There are several techniques that can be applied for verifying and conrming a users identity. They can be broadly classified as something the user knows, such as a password or PIN; something the user has, such as a smart card or ATM card; and something thats part of the user, such as a finngerprint or iris. However finnger print as being a part of the user authenticates on U are U basis i.e. the authentication is based on the finger impression present in the data base of the machine. This removes the chances of any type of mis- appropriation and can be highly useful in an organization.

Benefits of FingurePrint Biometric Systems

Drastically Reduces Payroll Processing Cost

  • Eliminates paper card and all cost associated with paper cards (cards, ribbons, etc.)
  • Reduces time needed to verify attendance data
  • Reduces time needed to calculate and process payroll
  • Eliminates mistake in calculating work hours and other human errors (manual re-entering, etc.)
  • Centralized payroll processing reduces HR and accounting personnel involvement

Eliminates "Buddy-Punching"

  • Biometric finger reader provides with highest level of securit
  • Impossible to punch in or out for somebody else

Helps Managers and Supervisors Control Overtime

  • Enforces company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments
  • Provides report identifying overtime usage for better control
  • keeps historical data to analyze trends and labour costs

Monitors Multiple Locations

  • multiple locations, departments, shifts and companies support
  • Flexible remote Hand Reader connectivity options - Network (TCP/IP), Modem or Serial cable
  • Provides head quarter with better control tool over labour costs and allocation

Real-Time Reporting

  • Real-time labour data availability - no more waiting days and weeks to get latest labour costs
  • One central database supports multiple installations